The Josephine Herrick Project teaches photography programs to disadvantaged populations, and hangs their work in public spaces and places, including cafes, public libraries, streets and parks, in the communities in which the program was based. All our programs our free to our students and are aimed at supporting people who are often marginalized and ignored as a result of poverty, prejudice or discrimination. We help them tell their story and vision to others through the universally understood language of photography, enabling viewers to better open their minds to different perspectives.


We envision a vibrant, creative society in which all people can express themselves actively through images and engage positively in their communities.


To transform the lives of individuals facing significant social and economic disadvantage through its free photography programs, teaching the principles of visual literacy and visual storytelling—giving them the tools to see differently, build lifelong skills, engage with their communities, and share their vision creatively with others.


Photography is a deeply transformative medium, and the most accessible of all art forms, giving a voice to those who feel as though they don’t have one, or that theirs is marginalized. It gives people the opportunity to share perspectives and visions of our world that are less often seen or appreciated.  JHP places its students’ voices at the center of all of its programs. While each student may take away something different from the program, our aim is to provide a meaningful artistic experience full of new information, skills, adventures and friends and a renewed sense of community. We want students to develop and sharpen their curiosity, to see the world differently and to pay attention to their surrounding, particularly when they are exploring their communities. We want them to share their stories. We provide participants with a set of new or increased technical and analytical skills, tools to express themselves, an interest or passion for photography, and an ability to share their work with a wider audience.


JHP's students are overwhelmingly from socially and/or excluded backgrounds, with little previous opportunity to engage in or participate in artistic creation. JHP works with a variety of partners to deliver photography programs to their clients, students and constituents. Visit our Programs tab to learn more about who we serve.