JHP Family

My time at JHP wasn’t long but I loved every moment of it. From traveling to queens to staying put right at the home base on Fulton street everyday was an exciting one. The JHP family was small and I liked that the most. It was easy to connect with everyone and be on the same page as each other. We all shared a love for photography and that made me extremely comfortable and thankful just to be around people that thought and felt the same away about things like I. Working with JHP made me appreciate photography more not for the art that it captures but the friendships and humbleness it bestowed upon me. Working with the queensbridge classes I got to form relationships with participants as I got to help them start their photography journey. Every week it was a new task and it was exciting helping them get there. It’s very upsetting I have to go but I know I will always be apart of the JHP family. My next endeavor is Apple, I will be starting in the middle of September right up the block from JHP at the oculus so if you’re ever in the neighborhood come and stop by!

Jessica Wanamaker