USWNT NYC Championship Parade!

On a very humid and busy Wednesday morning the United States Women’s National soccer team would be set to take the streets of lower Manhattan for their championship ticket tape parade. A very joyous and eventful occasion this was, the spirits were high and prideful within each individual I faced.

Arriving an hour before the parade was set to begin I walked around battery park where the team was setting up and got the chance to capture some pre-parade photos, seeing the sites of superstars Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe I was starstruck for the moment but remembered I had a job to do. The key to getting your great shots at events like these is to scope out the routes/venue and then find a place where you think you’ll be able to capture THE picture. You don’t want to be stuck behind people and you don’t want to be too far away so when in doubt, head to the front.

9:30 arrives the parade begins, and the floats start to ride down the street. Being an event photographer who doesn’t have a press pass you have to be okay with people bumping you and even potentially altering your shot, but in the end thats what makes these pictures unique.

I got the opportunity to shoot, the head coach, team, and crowd reactions throughout the parade and I am pleased to share this with you guys.

Jessica Wanamaker