My First Two Weeks at JHP

by Min Qing Wang

Over the past two weeks as I worked at the Josephine Herrick Project I visited two classes- SNACK-NYC and Grand Street  and it helped me learn how this organization works. SNACK-NYC is a program for young adults who have Autism. I saw the students listened carefully to learn how to take photos. When I was hanging out with them, I saw they were very excited to take pictures. Grand Street is a program for Middle school. I saw students try to create a good picture with a small yellow duck model and how hard they worked to find a good angle to take pictures.

Since starting my internship I have also learned how to communicate with others, how to enter data carefully and also how to use a camera to help people to see this beautiful world. I am very happy to be involved in this project and learning useful skills from people around me and I hope I will do my best for the rest of the internship time.

My Commute in Images

The pictures below were taken by me in the past two weeks. They are about my commute from school to my internship site. The weather and bus/train stations  may be different but the destination is always the same.

Commute 3.jpg
Commute 1.jpg
Jessica Wanamaker