The Lorge Program Visit


On Wednesday, I visited the JHP program at The Lorge School on 353 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011. The class consisted of around 10 students, some of whom had learning disabilities or behavioral problems. There were several staff members in the classroom alongside the two teaching artists, Svetlana and Camille. Svetlana started the class by distributing the cameras and showing the students examples of portraits on the smartboard. Then, the students were split up into pairs, with several students working with a staff member, and I paired with someone named Christian. We went outside for a shooting exercise where one partner would take portraits of the other for 15 minutes, and then we would switch roles. The goal was to take 10 different photos, and once the 15 minutes were up, your partner would have to take pictures of you in the same locations. Svetlana and Camille went around helping students and suggesting poses and areas to take photos. The students shot in black and white, and according to Christian, they had been doing that for about two weeks already. I asked another student what she thought of the program and she said she's been loving it, even though originally she had been indifferent about being placed into this class. It started raining toward the end of the session, so some students stayed under the arch of the entrance and tried to take pictures there while other students stayed outside and took pictures in the rain. As the class came to a close, the students went back into their classroom and looked through their cameras, deleting pictures they did not like and then giving the memory card to the teachers, who would bring them home and select the best pictures. 

-Lucy Qu

Jessica Wanamaker