Intern Perspective: Teen Event at the Whitney


I went to a Teen Event at The Whitney Museum on Friday called "Weaving Cosmologies." There were two separate rooms, both introducing traditions of the Taíno people of Puerto Rico. One room had straws hanging from the walls that participants could weave and rugs on the floor for teens to sit with their friends and eat the snacks that were provided. The other room, which is where I spent most of my time, was clay making. There was a woman in the front of the room who demonstrated how to make a cup by rolling the clay into a long cylindrical shape and coiling it around in a spiral shape. I ended up making a honey pot, after much indecision about what I wanted to make. There was a binder in the front of the room that explained the meaning of various designs that people used to put on their clay sculptures. If I had time, I would have liked to make some designs on the honey pot and to attempt to understand the Spanish written on the pages in the binder. After the event, my friends and I walked to a Japanese restaurant called Raku for dinner. 

-Lucy Qu

Jessica Wanamaker