Intern Perspective: Wrap Up


Today is the last day of my six week long internship with Josephine Herrick Project, and over these six weeks, I have learned a lot from Erica and Jessica, not just about the basics of using a DSLR camera but also about what it is like working at a nonprofit organization. I enjoyed taking the camera home and taking pictures of anything I wanted, oftentimes documenting my weekend activities. The photography sessions with Farah gave me an insight into the kinds of shots photographers notice when just walking on the streets. There are always ways to take something mundane and make it into a powerful photograph because what matters most is the vision the photographer has and the idea they are trying to convey. Throughout this internship, I also enjoyed visiting the various partnership programs in the city including Grand Street Settlement, Kips Bay Library, The Lorge School, and Arete. It was nice to see the different populations within the city that are getting involved in photography and how they are using it to connect with each other and with their communities. Overall, it was really great to work with the team here at Josephine Herrick Project, and it was nice to be able to spend my summer learning about a field (photography) that I have always been interested in. In college, I will be participating in a four year long community service program where I will be working with a nonprofit organization that might be based in the arts and education, just like Josephine Herrick Project. Thank you to Jessica, Erica, Farah, and the other teaching artists at the programs for teaching me and making this internship a valuable experience. 


Jessica Wanamaker