Intern Perspective: Bike Ride to the Beach


My friends and I had planned on biking from Bensonhurst to Fort Tilden on the Rockaway Peninsula. According to Google Maps, it would be a 12 mile bike ride and would take a little over a an hour. We had been talking about this bike ride for about two weeks and we were set on visiting this remote beach without any lifeguards or onsite amenities. These plans, however, did not pan out the way we wanted them to. One of my friends brought along a Penny board instead of a bike, hoping that she would be able to board that far. About one and a half hour into the ride, we somehow only made around 2 miles of progress, and the friend with the Penny board was overheating, so we decided that we would just stop at Coney Island. We sat on the beach by the boardwalk for the next few hours. Even though we made it only 1/6 of the way to Fort Tilden, I still had a lot of fun at Coney Island with my friends. It wasn't about where I was but rather who I was spending time with. As cheesy as it sounds, I wanted to pause time and stay in that moment. I wish I had taken more pictures of my friends biking and of the beach, but of the photos I did take, I was able to play around more with the aperture, shutter speed and ISO of the camera, which I am still trying to get the hang of. 

-Lucy Qu

Jessica Wanamaker