Intern Perspective: My Weekend


My goal this weekend was to brainstorm ideas for my photo project by taking at least 10 photos; I ended up taking 150. I carried the DSLR around almost every day taking pictures of anything that I found mildly interesting: people on the subway, stairs, houses, buildings, etc.

I attended a sculpture program at the Modern Artist Foundry on Thursday and Friday, and that's where I took most of my pictures. The studio was in a building that was set up like a garage, and it was in an area of Astoria surrounded by junk yards and abandoned buildings. My original idea was to have a series based on isolation because that's how I felt as I walked around the area. 

One Sunday, I went out with friends for brunch and a movie. We went to Rustic Table in midtown, and I kept saying to my friend that the name was extremely fitting for the place; I don't think I could have thought of a more suitable name for the restaurant. Despite having to pay for an overpriced brisket sandwich, I enjoyed the vibe of sitting at a small rustic table and using utensils that the waiter brought to us in emptied Galil cans. Afterwards, we took the subway down to Taiyaki in Chinatown to get ice cream because there was a "Buy One Get One Free" deal since it was National Ice Cream Day. I'd go anywhere for a good ice cream deal. We then went back up to midtown to watch Hereditary, which was supposed to be a horror movie, but it turned out to be very funny and rather confusing that I felt like I was watching a comedy. My weekend adventures concluded with us going to Totto Ramen for dinner. I wish I could say the ramen was great but it was just mediocre. It was nice having dinner with my friend though. 

After spending some time with friends, I thought about focusing my photo project on the theme of nostalgia. Now that I'm looking through the pictures I have taken, I'm also thinking about basing the photos on the usages of light to convey emotion, since several photos I took show the contrast between light and dark. 


Jessica Wanamaker