Intern Perspective: My Easter traditions

The holiday that I celebrated this weekend was Easter. On Saturday, I went to church with my mom and sister to bless food, and this is one of the traditions that we do on Easter in Poland. On Sunday I went to church with my family at 6:00 a.m for resurrection and when we came back  we ate sour soup and that’s another tradition of my culture on Easter. Then, my extended family came to my house and we celebrated Easter, we had salads, apple cake, cheesecake, bread and many other foods. On Monday, in Poland, people celebrate Wet Monday. On this day people throw water at each other.

I chose these pictures because they show my Easter traditions. For example, the first picture shows a basket with food that I went to bless them with my mom and sister on Saturday. The next picture shows the church that I go to every Sunday and holidays. This church’s name is St.Matthias Church. This is the church that I went to bless  food. The next pictures show my sister and my mom. I took these pictures when we were coming from the church and the weather was nice so I decided to take pictures of them. The next picture shows tulips and these are the flowers that my mom bought for Easter. My mom loves tulips so I decided to take a picture of them, and next to the flowers are small hershey eggs and other candy. The last picture shows daffodils and my mom also bought them and she buys them every year for Easter. I love these flowers because they decorated my room for Easter. I hope that you’ll enjoy my pictures. -Dominika

Jessica Wanamaker