Step-Up Photovoice Kicks Off

JHP is in its fifth year of partnership with NYU McSilver, and we just kicked off another StepUp Photovoice program. Step-Up is a youth development and mental health support program aims to promote social-emotional development, key life skills, academic achievement, high school graduation, and a positive transition to young adulthood. Step-Up is embedded within seven NYC DOE schools located in East Harlem, the Bronx and East New York. Step-Up was designed for youth experiencing significant environmental, academic, social and emotional challenges. For the last four years of Step-Up Photo Voice, JHP has customized a three day intensive workshop, during which teaching artists work intensively with students.

This year, during Spring Break, a new group of students is participating, and teachers Wendy, Luis and Ruthie are leading the class. In these photos, the students are practicing composition concepts, such as perspective and leading lines, and trying out the camera’s macro function. These photos were taken by JHP Teacher Ruthie. 

Jessica Wanamaker