Intern Perspective: My neighborhood

The place that I live in is Ridgewood in Queens.  It’s a peaceful neighborhood and there are many Polish people that live in it.  There are many stores that I can go to with my family and it’s not far away. There are some Polish stores and there the cashiers speak to me in Polish which makes me comfortable. Living there is good because I have some neighbors that speak Polish and the people in my building are nice. In the place that I live, it is really quiet and mostly safe. There’s no accidents or fights. What I like about my neighborhood is that it’s so close to some parks and stores, for example, 10 minutes from my house are stores where I can buy clothes and these stores are Baby Blue, Mandee and New York Company. Also I like that in my neighborhood is quiet and peaceful.

I chose these pictures because they show my neighborhood. For example, the first picture shows a place where people can sit, relax or hang out when the weather is nice. The second picture shows Myrtle Avenue which is the main street and across the street is the laundromat, pizzeria and other stores and it’s really close. The next picture shows a store “Biedronka” which is a Polish store and there we can get products that are made in Poland. Mostly, my family is using Polish products but we also use American products. The next picture also shows a store and we call it a “Arabic Store” because there are Polish women working and Arabic men. Also it’s a grocery store and it sells many things. The next pictures show mostly the streets that are close to my house like Myrtle Ave and Forest Ave and these are the streets that I usually walk with my family. The last picture shows trees and buildings that across of my house. I really like my neighborhood. I hope that you will enjoy my pictures -Dominika

Jessica Wanamaker