Intern Perspective

JHP lends its high school interns a Canon SLR for the semester, to practice their skills and develop their projects. They will be using the blog space to share their process and their images. Today we feature Dominika's first photos.

I chose these five pictures because I thought that these pictures would show a little about my house and how I live.  I took these pictures because I wanted to experiment with  the camera and play around taking pictures of the objects. After I took pictures, I looked at some of  the pictures and I thought that they look nice. So, then I continued to experiment the camera and in the end I took pictures of fish. The fish are the animals that I have in aquarium and I have 8 of them. I chose to take a picture of a rose because I wanted to show how my family is celebrating International Women’s day. After I took the picture of the rose and I liked the way that it looked. I took the picture of the shadow because I thought that it looked interesting and I wanted to show the shadow that it gives to the wall. Another picture that I took was strawberries. The reason that I took this picture was that I thought that it looked nice in the glass and the strawberry gave the contrast to the glass.

Also, I wanted to show how we celebrate holidays like International Women’s day and the fish, these were the animals that I have. Therefore, I took a picture of strawberries because it’s a fruit that I like to eat in the summer or any season in a year. A day in life of Dominika looks nice because the fish are swimming and kind of paying with each other in the aquarium and it looks so cool when they do it. The shadows, I see them every day when it’s evening and I’m doing my homework or looking at the wall and sometimes they look interesting. Sometimes, I also eat strawberries because they are sweet. In the end, I like roses and mostly I get roses for my birthday or special occasions such as International Women’s day or Valentine’s day. I hope that you will enjoy my pictures! - Dominika