JHP Programs are transformative for our students. 

JHP Programs change the way our students see the world, and in turn, how the world views them.  JHP provides an accessible introduction to the visual arts, encouraging creative expression and exploration. JHP programs break isolation. JHP Programs inspire participants to be advocates in their communities. JHP gives people the tools to tell their stories,   share their vision and instill a sense of confidence and purpose in our participants.


Over the last two years, JHP has proudly hosted 18 public exhibitions, sharing our students' photos with thousands of people.

PTSD almost took my father away from me and his will to live.... At the gallery event this past year, I have never seen my dad so proud of himself and his work. To see my father beam with pride and have others praise his work meant the world to me, to him and my family.

In 2018, JHP worked directly with 290 program participants, including:


150 children and youth from low income, first generation immigrant and refugee families, and 100 disabled veterans with PTSD living in New York City and other regions of New York State.


In 2018, we worked with 24 professional photographers as teaching artists, who delivered over 300 teaching hours. 

The average attendance rate was over 85%, and we Produced 12 new published books of student photography.